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Thinking about a pool? Why wouldn’t you. You deserve to have some luxury in life and your own pool is part of that dream. Cozy Pools are dedicated concrete pool builders Gold Cost and the Hinterland have to offer helping to making your dreams a reality and giving you your own piece of paradise.

People buy pools for all kinds of reasons, is your reason here? I hate driving all the way to the beach to swim, I hate the sand, I love the convenience of a pool in my own backyard, it keeps my family around the safety of home, it keeps the kids out of the house and out of my hair, I had a pool in my last place, my friends have a pool and I want to enjoy the same environment or I want to exercise – all very valid reasons. But the question is what style of pool do you want? What kind of ambience do you want to create?

Whether you are in South Brisbane, Northern NSW, The Hinterlands or on the Gold Coast we have a wealth of experience to create that perfect pool environment to suit all needs and budgets. From your first pool through to your second, third or fourth pool, we can design, construct and deliver the perfect pool to suit your personality.

Are you limited by space? We have the creativity and innovation to maximise the space you have, to make you wonder ‘how did I ever live without it?’ Plenty of space? Resort style pools are the perfect complement to your dream home and landscaped backyard. A feature you can be truly proud of.

Limited by time? We here at Cozy Pools the premier concrete pool builders Gold Coast has to offer can involve you as much or as little as you want to be in the process. From the moment you make the decision to have that new pool your experience will be stress-free and with as least hassle as possible. We make sure our trades people are on time every time. No one has time to waste. We ensure a seamless delivery. You will have the experience that will leave you confident that your choice of Cozy Pools was the right one.

Maintenance – yes, it’s one thing to buy a pool but another to look after it – right? At Cozy Pools the best concrete pool builders Gold Coast has we offer a maintenance-friendly style of pool and offering you the latest technology in the way of robotic pool cleaners which will save you ongoing chemical costs whilst cleaning the pool’s interior surface. Our reputable Hayward pumps and filters are engineered for their performance and dependability.

Did you know that we can help you heat a pool with solar, gas or electric heating all year round for less than the cost of a coffee a day?

Have a pool already? Are you ready for that pool makeover? We can revamp your current pool to make it look fabulous and create a new style and look that will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it earlier.

Now go on, explore your ideas and discover what Cozy Pools the premier concrete pool builders Gold Coast residents recommend can offer you in the way of style, versatility, choice, innovation and imagination. We can cater to every whim, desire, idea or wish.

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PURAPOOL® are leading the swimming pool industry when it comes to creating a water environment as nature intended it. Thanks to the new innovation and design of the PURAROOL® Oxy Mineral system, gone are those sore eyes and irritated skin that chlorine can cause.
Why do people choose to have a PURAPOOL® Oxy Mineral System? Well it’s simple, some people simply don’t like the thought of swimming in chlorine that is full of carcinogens which are not only designed to fight against harmful bacteria, but can also be harmful to our eyes, skin and more.
The PURAPOOL® Oxy Mineral System uses water and electricity to kill bacteria. As the water first travels through the system it is electrolysed to isolate bacterial and viral organisms, making them negatively charged so they can be attacked and destroyed.
The only thing your pool requires is natural mineral salts in your water to create extremely minimal amounts of chlorine, as required by health authorities to deal with any sudden and immediate contaminates that can be caused when entering a swimming pool.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Proven reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Soft Membrane Oxygen Cell
  • Mineral Level indicator
  • Fusion Technology


  • Better health benefits
  • No large amounts of chlorine
  • Cheaper electricity costs to operate
  • Reduced cost on chemicals
  • No harm to the environment that pool chlorines can cause
  • Easy to monitor the PURAPOOL® Oxy Mineral systems efficiency

What are you waiting for? Swim in natural water today. Contact our team today for an obligation free affordable quote?

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