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Limited access, sloping site, restricted space or simply no time? Cozy Pools the premier concrete pool builders, Gold Coast residents recommend is here to help.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about pool design? Did you think the shape? That is what most people think of first believe it or not. However, so many other factors are involved with good pool design. Remember the importance of the filtration system that needs to be integrated into your pool. You are creating a space not just plonking a pool in the backyard. Too much chlorine can cause skin problems for anyone and for those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis we offer alternative water sanitisation systems to cater for their comfort.

The design and style of your pool is limited by three things – space, imagination and budget. If your limitation is money then we can maximise your budget to give you an amazing pool and great value for money. If your limitation is your imagination then you have nothing to worry about. Our dedicated staff at Cozy Pools, the premier concrete pool builders, Gold Coast resident recommend have decades of hand-on experience and can nurture your imagination to come up with your perfect pool. You can’t buy experience but you will certainly benefit from ours. If space is a limitation then we can utilise what is available and help you to explore your options. We specialise in step, sloping sites and limited access situations.

So many things are a part of good pool design; coping styles, lighting, colour choice, shape, landscaping, decking and combined they make up your individual style. As the leading concrete pool builders, Northern NSW, Gold Coast, and the Hinterland have come to know we can inform you of all the different options you have, educate you to the extent you want so that you can make that well-informed decision and own that pool you will be proud of for years to come.

Your choice of pool design will no doubt increase the value of your property and will enhance your home’s appearance and give it that unique stamp of luxury. But let’s be honest, owning a pool is about a lifestyle choice not increasing the value of your home, anyone who uses that as a sales pitch is barking up the wrong tree. Your choice will be one that creates a space and environment that will bring your family together. Cozy Pools as the premier builder of concrete pools, Gold Coast residents prefer can help you make that right choice.

No doubt you have seen many different kinds of pools, surfed the Internet, pored over many home and pool magazines and have some idea of what you would like. Your ideas are what will help us to define the facets to design that perfect pool – just right for your unique needs.

Busy, work fulltime, have a family to care for? Then Cozy Pools will give you a painless pool-buying experience. From inception through to the design, building and handover process we will make you confident that you made the right decision in using Cozy Pools.

Our reputation for creativity, innovation and pool design is a result of the years of experience we have had in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, the Hinterlands and Northern NSW areas. Working in so many different styles of homes, with a variety of clients and budgets, all this combined makes your options virtually endless. Your choice of pool design will be backed by our knowledge and expertise.

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